My journey

At around the age of 20 I started to lose my hair, I went from various hair styles, to a buzz cut, and as the years passed to a bald head. I always felt like my image aged me and affected my confidence and can only wonder how life may have been had I discovered these treatment many years ago. I spent many years looking forward to winter to get out that hat and not feel like I stood out, many years with every baseball cap going spending money on hats like people do on hair styling. I started Scalp Innovations to give back the confidence to people of all ages both male and female as having lived the experience I feel I can relate and have undergone the treatment I have the experience of the before and after.

An Innovative
permanent and semi-permanent solution
to the effects of hair loss





Scar Camouflage

Alopecia Treatments

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Price Guide

Hairline Reconstruction Up to £900.00
Scar Camouflage Up to £900.00
Full Head Procedure Up to £2500.00
Full Head Procedure and Scar Camouflage £POA
Full Head Alopecia Treatment Up to £4000.00  
Alopecia Area Treatments Up to £1800.00

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What Clients Say

I suffered full alopecia by the time I was 30 and having lived for 20 years with the effects of this I had often toyed with the idea of a hair transplant but found either the cost of a transplant both monetary and time was more than I could commit and I reached a point that after dealing with hair loss for that period of time I could not face people then having to adjust and all the questions and staring at a new head of hair, so when I discovered this permanent solution and the subtle look that I could get it was never in doubt this was for me… I wish I had gone down this route many years ago I feel more confident and good about myself, I want to smile more, no one asks they think I have just grown my hair so I have none of the explaining to do….. Innovative …my advice book a consultation ..


My hairline started to recede to a point that I could no longer disguise it with hair styles, having the treatment allowed me to gain back years, I opted for the semi-permanent as in my mid 20’s I wanted the ability to allow my hairline to change over the coming years for which I will be returning in the years to follow, this has made all the difference to my life.


I had a great job, friends and social circle then along came my illness, my hair started to thin not very noticeable in the first instance but then my parting got wider and my scalp more visible, despite my illness getting better my hair has never regained its density, this scalp treatment has been a solution to giving me a look of density and thicker hair with no transplant required. This has not just given me back the illusion of a thick head of hair and allowed my natural hair to grow back through, but my confidence and the ability to lead on a meeting or enjoy a night out with friends.