At around the age of 20 I started to lose my hair, I went from various hair styles, to a buzz cut, and as the years passed to a bald head. I always felt like my image aged me and affected my confidence and can only wonder how life may have been had I discovered these treatment many years ago. I spent many years looking forward to winter to get out that hat and not feel like I stood out, many years with every baseball cap going spending money on hats like people do on hair styling. I started Scalp Innovations to give back the confidence to people of all ages both male and female as having lived the experience I feel I can relate and have undergone the treatment I have the experience of the before and after.

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Scar Camouflage

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Price Guide

Hairline Reconstruction From £600.00
Scar Camouflage From £400.00
Full Head Procedure From £900.00
Full Head Procedure and Scar Camouflage Free Consultation
Full Head Alopecia Treatment Free Consultation  
Alopecia Area Treatments Free Consultation

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What Clients Say

I must have looked shocked as the barber held the mirror after a trip to the hairdressers, and I noticed how bald I was getting! I have always cared about my appearance and am into my fitness, but being recently divorced, I wanted to ‘get back out there’. Carl has given me my confidence back, and has made me look years younger. My hair looks much thicker now. The process itself I personally didn’t find painful; in fact I fell asleep on most occasions. I can whole heartedly recommend this process.


My hairline started to recede to a point that I could no longer disguise it with hair styles, having the treatment allowed me to gain back years, I opted for the semi-permanent as in my mid 20’s I wanted the ability to allow my hairline to change over the coming years for which I will be returning in the years to follow, this has made all the difference to my life.